Moving from VeraPlus to VeraSecure

Have not been able to locate any posts to this topic; Looking to move from VeraPlus to VeraSecure. Do all devices which work with VeraPlus also work with VeraSecure? How do you move the scenes between the two? What are the potential pitfalls?

You do the backup on Vera Plus (first z-wave backup, then the regular one) saving it to the computer.
Then you restore the backup file on Vera Secure, making sure that you checked to restore z-wave data.
That should be all.
In some cases a device may need repairing or triggering to report itself correctly (I have a siren which sometimes after restoring from backup file needs to be “activated” by pressing the tamper switch, otherwise it reports “can’t connect device” error), but in general there shouldn’t be issues.

Sounds pretty straight forward. Thank you

This is documented here:

It’s as easy as creating a backup on your VeraPlus, download it on your computer, then restore it on your VeraSecure.