Moved door sensor from UI5/V3 to UI7/V+, no longer shows up for linkage in Homewave

What the title says. In the last few days, our old V3 lost all of its zwave devices, and restores from known-good backups didn’t help. So I spent much of yesterday doing the exclude/include dance, noving stuff over to the V+. And then relinking them in Homewave. Msotly went fine.

But one of our exterior doors has a Schlage RS200HC sensor. This showed up fine when it was associated with the V3. Nows shows up fine in UI7/V+. Device type is clearly DoorSensor1. But when I try to link it in Homewave (show the state of a sensor / alarm), it doesn’t show up as a candidate for linkage. A Fibaro “eyeball” on the V+ shows up, but not this Schlage.

What am I doing wrongly here? We have a lot of these sensors around the house, as they are cheap, have decent battery life, and support closed-contact. This is the first one I’ve gotten to (the others are going to require a wifi-to-RJ45 bridge to get the V+ close enough to them to do the exclude/include dance), and my luck so far getting the one into HW has been poor.

Thoughts? Help? Something I will try later, once my SO is up, will be opening the door to trip the thing…I have seen some of the dimmers and such not show up for HW linkage until they have actually been actuated at least once. That would be bizarre, since the query to UI7 should show them as devices whether they’ve been actuated or not. But it’s worth a spin.


And I just tripped the sensor, checked and it was listed for linkage in Homewave. I’m not sure if this was always the app’s behavior or not, but now that I know, I can deal with it.