Move from Vera with Mysensors to Vera+OpenLuup with Mysensors

My Vera Lite starts to be overloaded, currently more than 80 devices and a lot of scenes and rules,
I’m considering to move all my plugins and mysensor devices to OpenLuup device (stay with vera for z-wave devices only).
Two questions:

  1. which device use to run OpenLuup? (arduino Yun? RPi3?) maybe other well supported?
  2. any way to migrate all mysensor nodes to new hardware? (currently running serial getaway)

[ol][li]I use a Yun, because it integrates both the controller and gateway onto one board. However, you may find it a bit restrictive, and expensive for what it is, and fairly slow (400 MHz) so by all means consider RPi or BeagleBone Black. I don’t have a Pi (must get one) but others do. It’s really not critical, just depending on whether you prefer OpenWRT, or Debian, or whatever as your Linux flavour. [/li]
[li]just connect a gateway to the openLuup machine, install the Arduino plugin and include your sensors. Or did you want to do something different?[/li][/ol]

I do not want to include them again as i already have a lot of name changes/scenes etc.
any way to migrate existing “mysensors network” to OpenLuup machine?

That’s not really an openLuup question - more of issue of how to transfer a whole MYySensors gateway to another controller. Perhaps best ask on the MySensor BB?