Motor Controller

So in anticipation of procuring all the necessary bits, and peaces along with the “knowledge” :stuck_out_tongue: , I’ve decided on my first “real” project. (once I’ve practiced enough)

What do you guys think? Is this possible and am I missing anything? Am I crazy… :-\

Motor Controller (Attic Fan)

Hardware Requirements:

  1. 2 Inputs (Solar and backup 12vdc)
  2. 1 Output (~12vdc) to motor
  3. Turn System Off/On (Hardware/Software Switch)
  4. Transmit power state (Solar or Backup)
  5. Transmit voltage level
  6. Transmit Temp and Humidity (although I guess I could build this out separately)

Firmware Programming:

  1. Automatically switch from solar to backup and vise-vera when solar power drops to a predetermined level.
  2. Automatically shut down at temp/humidity set point (I guess this could be unloaded to Vera)

Vera Programming:
Not even sure this is possible, The ability to:

  1. Turn system Off/On
  2. Receive power state (solar or backup)
  3. Receive voltage Level.
  4. Receive Temp/Humidity Levels