MotionSensor-Light On PLEG Issues


I’m hoping that someone can point out what I am doing wrong with this program.
I have two motion sensors and switched light and the Day-Night Plug-in and I am trying to have it turn on my outside light for 10 minutes when motion is detected.

I stole directly from the user manual the logic for this. It seemed to be working yesterday and tonight it is not. I have posted the status report after I triggered the motion detectors. Everything I can see says that the AutoOn condition should have gone true, but it stayed false.

In general you need to put conditions in the proper order.
Conditions are evaluated in the order that they are defined.

You typically define a condition value before it is used in another condition expression.
There are some ADVANCED cases where this is NOT true … here you are using a condition value to hold a PREVIOUS value.

Use the Up/Down on the condition expression to move conditions.

Thank-you Richard,

That appears to have been the issue. When I added in the second Motion detector I created a new condition to test both detectors and left it at the bottom of the list.