Am having issue with my patio motion setup I have two scenes setup, one to arm my motion at sunset and another to turn my patio light on when the motion is tripped with a 10 minute delay to turn off the light. The issue am having is when my patio light turns on by A tripped motion and I turn off the light manually within a minute the light will not cycle back on when a motion is tripped until my 10 minute delay has cleared. I have decreased the polling rate down to 3 seconds on my light switch and that sill hasn’t resolved my issue, any suggestions on what the issue might be?

The issue is probably your motion sensor, which you didn’t tell us anything about.

Motion sensors have a delay before they shift from tripped to untripped after all motion has stopped. If they didn’t then they would constantly “flicker” back and forth from tripped to untripped and back to tripped whenever you walked through the room.

It sounds like your motion sensor’s delay is 10 minutes, so when motion stops the motion sensor waits 10 minutes before shifting to an untripped state. Usually this delay is configurable, to some degree. Some sensors use configuration variables to adjust it and some sensors use jumper pins inside the sensor. You’ll need to adjust your motion sensor to use a shorter interval to shift to an untripped state.

Is the delay set on the motion sensor or did you do a Vera scene with a delay? Either could cause what is happening. Suggest looking into pleg.