Motion ZIR000 On/Off?

I need help setting up the ZIR000 to Vera. I added it to Vera just fine but says “unable to get any information” in mios. How can i configure this motion sensor. All I want to do is make a scene that turns on a light when there is motion and then turn off a light when there is no motion. Can someone help me figure out how to configure the ZIR000 and then make it do a simple on/off for a light. Thank you

How long ago did you add it? Battery devices can take a while to wake before they can configure and you have to be patient.

Some information about setting up the ZIR000 is available at The instructions are for UI2, but the important message is that there is only a very short time window for the configuration.

Thank you ap, I got the motion sensor figured and added now to Vera. Now how can I configure a scene to turn a light on/off ? What do I put in the fields etc…

Sorry to bump my post up but does anybody know how to configure a scene to turn on and off a light with the motion sensor? I have looked everywhere to figure out what to put in the fields to do this but can’t find anything. Thank you for the help

Setup a new scene:

‘Events’ tab:

‘Device:’ your motion sensor
‘What type of event is the trigger?’: ‘A sensor is tripped’
‘Tripped’: ‘Yes’

‘Commands’ tab:

Configure as needed.

Setup a second scene, replace ‘Tripped’: ‘Yes’ with ‘Tripped’: ‘No’ …

Thats perfect thank you so much Ap15e