Motion (tilt sensor) driving my nuts!

I have no alerts setup other than for a low battery, yet it seems to email me everytime it senses motion (tilt sensor on garage door).

I can’t see to find a place where it is setup to do so… help?

Thanks! (UI7)

Pray tell how that sensor is able to drive your nuts? :slight_smile: I can see it driving you nuts…

Go to My Modes and click the > next to it.
Go to the ‘What to do if an armed sensor trips’ section
See if your nuts driving sensor is there and set to
If so, what is it set to for the various modes? If so, check below in the ‘Who should be notified’ section. Is your user there and is the button set to yes?

If so, there’s the source of your notification most likely.

Sweet thanks, looks like that was it. ;D I dont use the modes functionality, so I missed that.

That particular functionality seems new to Ui7. I noticed it when setting up the geofencing and notifications and figured to verify you had checked there.