Motion sensors keep getting armed

Hi, I’ve had strange things happening lately, causing a siren to go off at unwelcome times…

In particular, my VeraPlus seems to be arming motion sensors randomly. Then, an alarm can go off and/or I get notifications.

Some of the motion sensors are in the back yard, so I don’t want them armed—they just make lights go on at night but they aren’t meant to sound an alarm.

Background: I use the HomeWave app, and it used to be on an old iPhone 4 sitting on a counter. That kept disconnecting and not wanting to re-connect to the VeraPlus, so I copied the HomeWave profile over to another old (but newer) iPhone. I think that’s when these most recent problems (with motion sensors) started. On the newer iPhone, HomeWave seems to “reset” occasionally, going to the menu screen, and sometimes causing the siren to go off.

Finally, I can’t seem to get a log. Do I need to plug in a USB device to log events?

Any pointers on any of that, please?

Thank you!

In the Vera UI7 web GUI take a look at the Dashboard - My Modes

And “Choose Sensors to Arm”

And “What to do if a Sensor trips?”

Ensure your Siren is set to OFF.

This helped, thank you (it was a roundabout way, but we got there all the same)!

It looks like I was getting bumped into Vacation Mode somehow. My hunch is that the culprit is an old iPhone I use with HomeWave (sitting in the middle of the house as a controller). I notice that it seems to click/tap in unexpected places/times, and I’m guessing something is wrong with the screen so it’s erratic. It seems that different modes are getting tapped on at unwanted times.

I was going to see if I could fix what’s wrong with HomeWave, but maybe there’s nothing wrong—it’s just the screen deciding to tap on stuff.

Thanks again, very much appreciated.

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