Motion Sensor Turns light one when Armed, even without motion.

I currently am trying to setup a motion sensor with scenes and have an issue.

The setup uses 3 scenes:

  1. when light dimmer is turned on, the motion sensor is disarmed.
  2. when light dimmer is turned off, the motion sensor is armed after 2 minutes.
  3. When the motion of the armed sensor is detect, the lights turn on to 20%

The problem is that after the 2 minutes on scene 2 above and the sensor is armed again, the lights turn on, even without motion. I am hoping there is a setting to fix this.

The goal is to turn the bathroom lights on when walking in and giving me a couple of minutes to move out of the bathroom without turning the lights back on after the switch is turned off.

Thank you

It sounds like such a simple thing to do but, as you have found, it is not easy with a basic scene. It is possible to manage the timing through the use of Lua code in the scenes but it is much easier to use the Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) or Program Logic Timer Switch (PLTS) plugins.

You will find several examples how to implement motion-controlled lights in the Program Logic Plugins threads.

For some odd reason, the PLEG plugin fails when I try to install on my Vera Lite. The PLEG “device” loads and appears to install correctly, but it goes into a non stop loading screen while looking for devices when I bring up the wrench menu.

Did you install the Program logic core plug in?

  • Garrett

That helps…it’s amazing how simple this scene should be, but how complicated it has been.

That pretty much describes the veralite, in a nutshell.

I like my veralite, and it’s now working well. As much as I love the power and flexibility, getting to this state has been sheer frustration, and I honestly can’t recommend it to anyone but experts.

I have now been using PLEG for a while and have come across an issue. What I want to do is add 5 minute onto the countdown until the light turns off when motion is detected, but the issue I come across is as soon as it doesn’t detect motion, it does the 5 minute count down (say your standing still for a moment and then it goes untripped for a minute) and will shut the light off on you. Is there a way to add 5 minutes onto the countdown instead of the no motion even for a half a second forces it to turn off in 5 minutes with somebody in the bathroom?


Please post your status report … Indicate the Condition in question … and we will be able to answer your question clearly in the context of your specific problem.

I’ve been using Smart Switch Plugin for my motion controlled lights. Works well for what I’m looking for without scenes or scripting.