Motion sensor notifications

I just added 3 devices, 2 tilt sensors and a motion sensor, and am getting notifications for each change of state and some for “tampering”. How do I stop the notifications? I didn’t set up for any. I have turned off the notification settings within the Modes area of the Vera app. I’m using an Ezlo Secure controller but can’t find any such notification settings on that web interface. Any ideas?

Have you taken a look at the system meshbots?


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I had not. There are many more there than those I created, however none are listed as “active”. What am I looking for? Should I delete all but the active ones? Thx.

I took another look at my system Meshbots. Apparently they can’t be deactivated. The only way to deactivate it is probably to delete it at the moment.

I don’t know whether it’s intentional that you can’t deactivate it. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

Hi @Odysee

They are cloud meshbots actually. We already have the disable function in schedule. We will be delivering it in 2-4 weeks. Hopefully earlier.

OK, sounds helpful. FYI, I did delete about 25 of these system meshbots that all had notifications as their actions. My notifications stopped. I didn’t create any of these meshbots. Even though all were indicated as “not active” (that indicator is shaded), not all were sending notifications.

If the system meshbots can currently be deleted, will there be a way to recreate these system meshbots? Creating a manual with all the parameters should be extremely complicated.

In an update it was written that these system meshbots will also be created automatically at some point for the devices that already exist. There should then be a switch to create them manually.

The best solution would probably be the following:

  • System Meshbots are always created for each device
  • These system meshbots cannot be deleted, only deactivated
  • The system meshbots are deactivated by default and are activated by the user if necessary
  • It would be particularly cool if you were asked which notifications should be activated when you installed a new device


Best feedback list ! Thanks. We were already working on another round for notifications. I’ll add those as well to our tasks.


I noticed something else in this context.

The system Meshbot is named after the device’s name when it was created. For example, a “Door/Window Sensor” is included. The system meshbots now all start with “Door/Window Sensor”. As a rule, the new devices are then renamed to, for example, “Window Sensor Bath”. However, the meshbots remain with the creation name and it becomes difficult to find the right ones afterwards.

There should be some kind of refresh that adapts the Meshbot names accordingly.

What would actually happen in the following scenario? I include a device that is assigned the name “Switch” by default? Corresponding system meshbots will now be created with this name. Now I’ll just rename the device to let’s say “Switch LED1”. The system Meshbot names remain the same. Now I’m including another, same device again. This will then be called “Switch” by default, which works because the name is free again. What about the system meshbots? These are created strictly according to the name of the newly included device. But that would mean that in this case there would be several system meshbots with the same name. What would happen then? Can meshbots exist with the same name? Does an error occur? Or are the system meshbots then automatically numbered?

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I noticed that as well recently as I was deleting a lot of my System Meshbot’s. Some of the rules did seem to have the names I had given the device though, whereas some did not and had the initial name given to it by the system. I don’t recall renaming any System Meshbot rules myself.

Also I am not sure when you delete a device off the system it then also deletes the related System Meshbot? I don’t think it does that currently.

I have one more:

You can also duplicate system meshbots. These copies are then no longer system meshbots, but of the Notification Meshbot type and are therefore not captured by the filter. The copies, like the originals, cannot be deactivated.

These copies should then be able to be deactivated and deleted.

Also if you EDIT a System Meshbot in anyway and Save it, it then is no longer a “System Meshbot” and becomes a Notification Meshbot. This is by design I have been told.

They cannot currently be Deactivated because they are Cloud Meshbots.

I have been told they were working on it so we could deactivate / disable Cloud Meshbots.

I submitted a feature request to be able to disable / deactivate both System and Cloud Meshbot types. FYI the ticket number is ECFI-3

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