Motion sensor event

I’m new to vera and have some basic questions.

  1. I’m using it mainly to control a Leviton Vizia RF lighting system
  2. I’m using a HSM100 motion sensor
  3. I included the Vera USB stick as a secondary and it recognized all of my existing nodes.

So what I’m trying to do is:

  1. Have the HSM100 turn a light on when it is triggered. I setup the scene and specified and event using the motion sensor and a light in the kitchen that I can already control using Vera but nothing is happening. Is there a way to see if the sensor is sending Vera the appropriate command?

  2. I’d like to link events to Vizia RF 4 button controllers so that a button push could trigger a Vera scene but I don’t know how to address the controller buttons.




Good to have another Vizia user in forum.

1.Through the Web UI You should be able to go to Setup ->Advanced-> Logs

Check “Verbose Logging”
Click Save
Then Click the “Show Z-Wave Jobs”

You’ll have to know what node number the sensor is device is.
Have you tried testing the scene by manually activating it in Vera?

I had a related problem, Since I can’t order the way lights come on in a scene, I tried making scenes with individual devices, and have one scene trigger the next. Vera allows it as an option in the drop down box, but I have yet to get it to work. I’ve posted to the forum with little luck, so I hope a future firmware upgrade fixes it.

Here is the wiki link for the Vizia 4 button controller

It is possible to let the Vizia controller activate Vera Scenes, but with some exceptions. I’m pretty sure Vera has to be the Primary(Not sure on this one though), or at least has to be added to the network by the Vera (Not sure if possible).

I migrated to Vera as the primary to support the Schlage Lock and I toyed with the 4 button controller, but was disappointed with how scene control works with the 4 button controller.

Pros: Easy programming and linking of scenes, you can now activate scenes with devices other than scene capable devices like arming sensors and thermostat control. It accomplishes this by treating scenes as events.

Cons: You suffer the popcorn effect where devices pop on in an order you can’t easily control. I’ve gotten used to the elegant Leviton solution where all the lights come on or off in unison in a dramatic fashion. I chose to program the scenes with the Leviton controller since I have no current desire to control devices other than lights with my 4 button controller.

Here is a thread to some of my experiences

Thanks for the info.

I tried to make the test as simple as possible so I just setup a seperate zwave network using the vera dongle as primary and I included 3 Vizia RF dimmers, 2 keypads and 1 HSM100. I’m trying to accomplish 2 things

  1. have the hsm100 trigger scene/event that would in turn operate one of the dimmers
  2. setup one of the four scene/zone buttons on my keypad to trigger another dimmer to turn on.

I know that the Leviton stuff works very well but I have application that require more than just a leviton device to respond to a keypad button push.

After including the 6 nodes and plugging it back into the vera I can see the devices and I let vera configure them automatically. I selected use controller buttons to trigger scenes in vera and I followed the wiki instructions in order to properly let the HSM100 be recognized. But after I’m done all the devices show up but I don’t have the options that I would expect. For example the HSM shows up as a combo device with 3 generic i/o’s. I tried several diffrent times to include it and I couldn’t get it to recoginze the unit any other way. So when I go to create a scene I don’t have an option to use a motion sensor as a trigger.

I enabled the verbose logging but when I select show z wave jobs I’m not getting a log? I can ssl into the box do you know where the log files are stored I’ll see if they are being created.

So far I’m having a lot of trouble setting this up and find that it’s very sluggish when I do get it to work. Until now I’ve used controlthink and z wave commander for remote access and that is much much quicker than this. The advantage here is the ability to integrate simple programming and different manf as well as the appliance.

Hope I’m just doing this wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

I do alot of Vizia RF work and will be happy to answer any questions on that topic.


I reset everything and tried again and now the HSM100 and keypad are included correctly and I have the option to use them to trigger an event. The keypad button event works slow but always works. The motion sensor is inconsistent, I can get it to work at times but not always.

I set the trigger as “armed motion sensor” and “trigger motion sensor” but either way it doesn’t always work. I looked through the manual for the HSM100 and I saw that I can set different parameters for timeouts and alike and also saw that I can make custom value changes on vera for the sensor but I’m not sure how to do it.

You shouldn’t Have to make the Vera the Primary Unless you actually want to Arm the sensor or a non scene capable device from the 4 button controller.

I assume you did these steps before you made Vera the Primary:

  1. Exclude devices from the other master controller.
  2. Do a physical Reset of the Leviton devices
  3. Have the latest Vera firmware
  4. Reset the Z-Wave network and Z-wave chip in Vera
  5. Added the devices
  6. Plug the dongle back in Vera
  7. Ensure you have no Red Cogs next to your devices
  8. Test the devices for speed and responsiveness.
  9. Do a Network Heal to optimize for network

I would make sure all the devices are working well in manual control before introducing any automation. FYI, I’ve been having to reboot my Vera every 3-4 weeks for performance issues.

as for your goals

  1. I don’t have the HSM100, or any sensor. I did want to buy that one though. From what I’ve been reading on the forum, you need to arm the sensor first. Then it include it as part of an event that triggers the dimmer. Also, you can somehow set the frequency to how often the Sensor turns on to communicate with Vera. There’s been much discussion on it in this forum, just do a search.

  2. Setting up the 4 button controller was easy, especially using Method#2 in the Wiki, tho I much prefer using my Leviton controller to program lighting scenes.

Logs should be in the /var/log/cmh/9-ZWave.jog file, but I have no problem getting to them in the Web UI

It’s definitely not as straightforward as Z Wave Commander with a Control think,
but there are advantages such as low power foot print, dual use as a router, and Schalge Lock Support.

I will be committed to Vera for the foreseeable future.

…wait, I just saw that you posted, I hope this info is not too redundant,