Motion on Cameras

I have a question regarding the foscam 8918. Can the motion detection be used by vera? I have one of these camera (although it is 100 miles away right now) that i would like to use a my home and was hoping i could save a motion sensor by using the camera. I don’t need help setting it up at this time, but would like to know how they work with vera. Thanks everyone in advance.

Not directly. I don’t have much knowledge of Foscam cameras, but Vista cameras have HTTP notification for motion detection. Does the Foscam camera has such thing? If it does, then it would be possible to use these to create MiOS events.

According to [tt][/tt] there is a mail notification and a signalling via the camera’s external connector block. You probably could hook up a door/motion sensor to the connector block or periodically check for new pictures/videos in the camera’s upload directory.


My Sony Vaio VGN-120C has a built-in camera camera called ‘Motion
Eye’.Even since I installed vista x64, the camera is useless as Sony
does not make a 64 bit driver for it.

Does anyone know who the underlying manufacturer of this camera is so I
can hopefully track down the right driver for it>

thanks alot…would like to get this thing working finally!