Motion Detector Programming Knowledge Needed

Any idea on using Vera how to make my HomePro motion detector only
work during a specific period of time…

I want the motion detector to only turn on a group of lights 1 hour
after dusk for 3 hours…

I can’t seem to build that into the timer portion of the event.

You will need to write a few lines of Lua into the Luup Event section to check the time and return false if the current time is outside of the window you want it enabled. Respond back if you need help with that.

Couldn’t you just set up a scene to run at 1 hour after dusk to arm your motion sensor, another scene to disarm the motion sensor 4 hours after dusk, then just set up the 3rd scene to turn on the light when an armed sensor is tripped? This would avoid luup for people who don’t want to program.

Sorry, I don’t have any motion sensors, so I forgot that they had an arm state.