Motion detection on Foscam

There is two days i search any info to have motion detection with my foscam HD H264

I think motion detection is a very good thing because of a solid algorithm.
With mine (FI9853EP) i never have any bad detection.

So, there is the thing i have got during my long search

there is two generation of Foscam IP camera

The first is the Mjpeg camera who can send http alert for motion detection
This camera are 3th partie made camera (so not build by Foscam)

The second generation is the HD H264 Foscam camera
This camera are made by foscam and the software to
This generation haven’t http alert feature because they have not implemented
Are they afraid that it might overshadow their paid cloud ???

I have read all the SDK API Foscam HD since 1.0.0 to 1.0.10 and never is mensioned the feature interesting me
I think they will never add this to there firmware >:(

But, I still hope the side of the notification on smartphone.
Camera send something to the Foscam app and creat an detection alert on phone(on my android who is in the same Lan)

Do you think it is possible to interpret this and use it as a virtual switch?