Motion detected>Lights on for 10 minutes (But only during certain hours)

I am looking to set up this scene:

Motion detected from sensor> Lights on until motion is undetected. (Only between 10pm and 6am )

How would I accomplish this?

This might work for you:

Scene 1: → At 10PM, arm sensor
Scene 2: → At 6AM, disarm sensor
Scene 3: → If armed sensor is tripped, turn on light, and leave on.
Scene 4: → If armed sensor goes idle, turn off light, and leave off.
Set motion detector to a 10min idle timeout.

I couldn’t test it because Vera isn’t able to set the idle timeout on my motion sensor (Hawking HRMD1).

You could just set Scene 3 to a 10 min timeout and not have Scene 4.
That may cause the light to turn off momentarily at 10min.


I have setup the scenes as you’ve described.

When I trip the motion sensor the two lights turn on and then go off after idle.

I have one issue right now.

I have set a timer to ARM the sensor at 22:00 and leave it
I have set a timer to BYPASS the sensor at 6:00 and leave it

It is 1pm here and the motion sensor is still armed and when I walk by it, the lights turn on.
The dashboard shows that the sensor is in “bypass” but it is still reacting to motion and turning the lights on.

I have tried hitting GO to enable the BYPASS scene but it does not disable the motion sensor.

Any suggestions?

Did you check if the trigger is set to “ARMED” sensor trigger?

It could just be a bug in Vera.

I think this box has a lot of potential, but I’m quite disappointed with the number of quirks with it.

Sorry. I’m not sure what your referring to when you say “trigger is set to ARMED sensor trigger”. Could you further explain?

Under Event, “Event Type” should be “An Armed Sensor Is Tripped” and not “A Sensor Is Tripped”.

Here is what I have:

Scene 1:Timer 6:00> Motion detector> BYPASS and leave it
Scene 2: Timer 22:00> Motion detector> ARM and leave it
Scene 3:An arm sensor is tripped> Motion Detector> Light on and leave it
Scene 4:A sensor/motion is tripped>Motion Detector>The sensor goes Idle>Lite Off and leave it

Looks like a bug. When you hit “GO” does the sensor go into “BYPASS” mode?

The sensor goes in and out of BYPASS mode correctly but now the lights aren’t turning on.

Your original reply indicated the lights were turning on when they shouldn’t.
Your last reply indicates that the lights are not turning on when they should.

Are you getting both behavior?