Most of my devices read "Can't Detect Device"

Seems like the majority of my devices display “Can’t Detect Device” on my ezlo Plus. I switch almost everything over from my Vera plus and I really don’t want to have to move them back. Anyone else have this issue and know a solution?

Hello @Benvolio36

Just to confirm:

  • You excluded all the devices from your Vera Plus prior to the inclusion with the Ezlo Plus?
  • How far were the devices from the controller when you include them in the Ezlo Plus?
  • Did anything happen before the devices got that status? (Power Outage, changes in the network)

I excluded most of them (there were a few when I first started moving them maybe 5 or 6 out of my 50+ devices.)

Distances varied, depending on location of device. Some hardwired stuff in the garage is 30 feet through a few walls.

I didn’t have any significant evens prior to the status. It’s been more like a gradual shift of one device at a time. When I initially set it up in early March most everything was working but over the time since then I’ve been losing devices.

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Hello @Benvolio36

It is recommended that the first inclusion of each device is done within 3 or 5 feet away from the controller, in case, it is not possible to move the devices close to the HUB you can try to switch the controller over to Wi-Fi.

You can also try to reconstruct the network by going to → Settings → Z-Wave Settings – Reconstruct Z-Wave Network, this will try to improve the mesh network, in case it doesn’t work, I would kindly advise to try and repair some devices while being close to the controller if it’s possible.

VeraLite had batteries so you could easily carry it around the house to pair devices, seemed like a good idea back then.

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Hello @cw-kid

Although the Ezlo Plus doesn’t have a built-in battery, the great advantage is the speed in loading the system after a power cycle, with the Ezlo controllers, we’re talking about seconds to complete, very different from previous models.

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