most flexible 3 way dimmers

I am new to the home automation and have a 3 way light that I want to include in my home automation eco-system. I purchased the GE zwave 3 way dimmer but due to the way my house was wired, these dimmer switches will not work. Do they make dimmer switches that are more flexible? My non-zwave dimmer is hooked up easily. I need a 3 way dimmer switch that will not require me to re-wire my lighting. I would prefer if it didn’t require a “primary” and “secondary” switch to work properly. Does anyone had an experience like mine and did you find a better solution?

The primary and secondary switches are fairly standard for Z-Wave 3-way installations. The GE dimmer is one of the more flexible ones available, since it can be used without a Neutral like almost all others require.

There are no longer any drop-in replacements for standard switches.

The only other option that I can think of is something like the Aeon Labs Aeotec DSC19103-ZWUS Micro Smart Energy Dimmer. However, it will require some wiring reconfiguration. See the attached diagram.

Realize that with this module, you will only be able to do On and Off with the switches. You can dim wit Vera. If you need to dim with the switches, you’ll need to replace them with momentary switches.