More notification sound problems

So I get the notification in the VeraAlerts app via small red number on the app icon. But I do not get a sound to play.

Im the app, I clicked on sounds button, then selected Siren.mp3. It placed a holder in the sound area which I was able to click on and rename to Siren. I have tried to different things to ger an audible (or vibratory) notification.

1: I added {tone:1} into the message override box, but all I get is the in-app notification and the box before it has a “1” in it…no sound or vibration

2: I added {tone:tts}<> in the message override box…but then I don’t receive the alert at all.

Ps… is there a way to send a “test” notification…my wife is probably going to get tired of me activating the siren while working in this lol

Does no one monitor this board anymore?

Did you ever figure this out?