More bugs - Problems when Changing existing PLEG tokens

Now that I got one of my PLEG devices working, I decided to figure out why two others - that were previously working, stopped working.

I did figure it out… major problem… when changes are made in the UI to a PLEG Device, the old data IS NOT REMOVED.

I re-purposed an old PLEG device I was using for XBMC into a device for Occupancy. But take a look at what I found still in the some of the Advanced fields…

{{name = ‘XBMCplay’, device= 121, service= ‘urn:upnp-org:serviceId:XBMCState1’, args = {{name = ‘PlayerStatus’, op = ‘=’, value = ‘Video_start’}, } }, {name = ‘Night’, device= 107, service= ‘urn:rts-services-com:serviceId:DayTime’, args = {{name = ‘Status’, op = ‘=’, value = ‘0’}, } }, {name = ‘XBMCresume’, device= 121, service= ‘urn:upnp-org:serviceId:XBMCState1’, args = {{name = ‘PlayerStatus’, op = ‘=’, value = ‘Video_resume’}, } }, }

{{name = ‘Night’, state = true, seq = 1384561498.1268},{name = ‘Robyns_Phone’, state = ‘0’, seq = 1384586280.0721},{name = ‘Aarons_Phone’, state = ‘0’, seq = 1384586256.7824},{name = ‘RobynHome’, state = true, seq = 1384586280.0733},{name = ‘RobynAway’, state = false, seq = 1384586275.6879},{name = ‘AaronHome’, state = true, seq = 1384586256.785},{name = ‘AaronAway’, state = false, seq = 1384586250.326},}

… not only was there XBMC stuff, there were items I had also changed - I removed all underscores. Ex. Robyns_Phone was turned into RobynPhone - but PLEG never cleaned out the old stuff.

These bugs I suspect, was my problem from day 1… running into these, and not knowing it, likely lead me to the other bugs I posted earlier too.

Even with clearing these out, my PLEGs are not working 100%. I’d love for you to remote into my system and I can show you, even a simple 2 device inputs + 4 conditions does not work properly. 2 conditions are triggering, 2 are not… and all 4 conditions only have 1 action… write to the same Variable Container.

TriggerDeviceVariableMap is not used by PLEG anymore … it was eliminated during one of the upgrades … There is no way to delete a variable in Vera … I guess I could have blanked it out.

Things in ObjectStatusMap will clear out on their own.

No smoking gun here.