Months of the Year in Date & Time Meshbot field

Are we going to have months of the year option on the Date & Time field in meshbots? thanks!

Hello @augustov,

Thank you for your suggestion and feature request. We appreciate your input and will add it to our action plan. Your idea of utilizing the feature, such as automating the Christmas lights in December or for other special occasions, is excellent. If you could provide more details about your specific use case, we would be more than happy to hear from you. Your feedback allows us to tailor our solutions to better meet the needs of our users.

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Hi @JonathanB that is exactly the use case, there is a good combination between days of the month and months of the year where you can very specifically target dates for events like Christmas that are longer, for instance I have that light up some days of november, all december, and some days on Jan. The interesting thing is that I believe I saw a screenshot from some of your documentation that showed that option but is not available on the product. Thanks a lot!

I think Weeks of the Year is the closest thing they have currently.

I think we should put “Special Days” as a feature…
So that everything from Christmas to President’s day is presented as a special day.


That’s a good idea, a bit like your regular Calendar that shows you all the public holidays etc. You could then select St Patricks day and have your LED strip lights flashing green outside :grin:

And for Christmas, its more than one day, its a holiday season, so maybe allow the users to select a block of days a week before and a week after Christmas for the “Holiday” lights to be ON.


I submitted a feature request for this, FYI the ticket number is ECFI-2

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