Month-of-Year Capability for PLEG Schedule?

I’m setting-up a PLEG instance to control a light that shows when the power company’s peak Time-of-Use periods are active. (6-9AM/6-9PM in Winter, 3-7PM in Summer) The light gives us a quick visual reminder when not to use larger electrical loads.) I also use the resulting device variable in other PLEG instances to AND with the schedule of other electrical loads so they won’t come on during Peak TOU. The difficulty is that the PLEG schedule options don’t seem to offer a way to select the months for a schedule… only days and time. I’ve gotten around this so far by implementing the summer and winter logic in PLEG and selecting which one is active with a virtual Summer/Winter switch that I have to remember to change twice a year. This seems a bit kludgy… Is there some month schedule option withing PLEG that I’m missing?

You can Have a Summer Timer that automatically changes:

On April 1 (-04-01) 00:10:00 and Off at Oct 1 (-10-01) at 00:10:00
I never do things at midnight … to many other things might be happening, so I pick a time with less activity.

What I have done to control an outlet during the holidays for lighting is the attached logic. It uses a schedule.