Monster ML IWS1000S info wanted

Can anyone tell me if the Monster ML IWS1000S sends status when its toggled off or on? (Like leviton does).
Price on these are very cheap. Might put a few of these in ‘unimportant’ places and see how they hold up. I just like an instant update to vera when someone turns something off or on at the switch.

Ordered one this morning… will post what I find in case anyone else looks for this info in the future…

These are re-branded leviton switches. They are the older RF series and not the RF+ line. I have a few of tthese in my house (leviton brand) and they work great. I also have the RF+ series as well. I do have a few of the Monster dimmer switches and they also work well. I may have to snatch up a few for backups.

  • Garrett

I am no expert on Leviton, but a quick Google around shows the RF+ to be newer, improved, more energy efficient etc… Are there any details you spell out on the differences on point me to a url of the differences…


On the dimmer models, the physical slider/button styling is also different between the Leviton RF and RF+ models, this might also have been a result of Lutron “issues”.

I believe they also use the older Z-Wave chipset that runs at 9600baud instead of 40kbaud, but the other nodes will downshift to the slower speed when necessary, but I can’t remember where I read that (it was a long time ago). I have Monster Appliance modules of this generation, mixed in with my newer Leviton RF+ and it’s never given me a noticeable problem.

Not much of huge difference except for the dimmers. But the one difference that stands out is the communication speed increase. I do not notice any difference between my rf and rf+ switches. The only bad thing is that if you require different color plates, they are almost impossible to find for the rf switches. My builder installed ivory switches and outlets in my home. I can tell you, for 40 bucks, they are a bargain!

  • Garrett

The IWS1000S and IWD600S are the only Z-wave switches I have in my home. They all work great. I just placed an order for two more IWS1000S’s and what (I think) will be the last Z-wave switches I’ll order for a long time.

To answer your question… they’re pretty fast to update status. I’ve never sat & watched the UI or iVera to check, but I’ve never noticed the status being wrong for very long, either.

Quick update, this is a great switch!

The only downside is one color - white. (for me that’s not a problem anyway)

The box even has Leviton right on the side so its not like they are hiding the fact its a Leviton.
For the price you can’t beat it.

Yes, they are great switches for the money. Though an older model, they work great. My builder used ivory for all switches and outlets. So for the ones I can’t change the colors for (impossible to find the plates in ivory now) I just change the switches and outlets to white.

  • Garrett

I hate to break it to you guys… but there are other colors available:

[ul][li]IWD600S Ivory[/li]
[li]IWD600S Almond[/li]
[li]IWS1000S Ivory[/li][/ul]

On the contrary, thank you very much!
(And it qualifies for Amazon Prime shipping!)

Well, got one in early December for $39 on Amazon. Went to buy a few more and the latest price is up to $59.95! Ouch… Anyone know of any place selling IWS1000S switches for less than $59?

I’ve been pretty fortunate on eBay. I bought my last (final?) two from for $40. They’re going for around that on eBay.