Monster AVL300 (Harmony 890) and Omnilink Question

Thanks to a wonderful post here, I was able to connect my AVL300 to my Vera unit and also 2 Omnilink Zwave to IR devices.
I have not been able to add my second AVL300 but it seems to be working as a secondary to the first AVL. It does not show up on Vera after 4 attempts. I will try again later.

The trouble is that I don’t know how to use these once they show up in Vera. They show up as Scene Controllers. I have labelled them as:

I try to add my IR controlled lights that are connected to the Omnilink 2 but it does not give me an option to add it as an IR device. Is there a way for these devices to show up as the Zwave to IR devices they are? Much of the reason I bought two of these remotes was to get the Zwave to IR bridge with the Omnilinks. Vera is suppossed to be compatable with every zwave device which is why I went with it.

I also don’t know what the functionality of the AVL300 really is with vera. Can I activate Vera scenes with it? Does Logitech, support Vera on their end so I can add it as a device in my remote? I am very new to this and have tried to read as much as possible. I do absolutely love the Monster/Harmony remote for my Home Theater applications. I just can’t figure out how to add a light scene to the pause button.

Anyway I was hoping to get some insight here from people who have probably been through this already. A quick search on the forum only showed two results with the words omnilink.

Anybody know how to use the Omnilink (aka Harmony RF extender) as an Zwave to IR emitter for Vera? I can get it to show up as a controller but thats it.