Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Shock Detector and Acceleration Sensor

This Z-Wave Plus sensor detects the vibrations, examples of it use include:

  • intruder trying to break into a window/door
  • someone opening a drawer
  • movement of an object

The sensitivity can also be adjusted, so the system can be configured to ignore spurious vibrations, such as those caused by a passing car with a too-loud stereo system.

It supports both, Shock Sensor capability and also a Vibration/Acceleration Sensor capability, for use with Vera.


This device handler supports the following features:

  1. Reading the following sensors
  • Shock/Acceleration
  • Battery
  • Tamper


  • The vibration sensitivity can be adjusted by opening the unit cover and using a screwdriver to adjust the + shaped white round knob. Turning it clockwise increases sensitivity, turning it anti-clockwise reduces sensitivity


In order for me to get it to work, I had to configure it as a Door/Window Sensor


Pairing it will show up as GenericIO

working pretty well so far, some documentation was stolen from Smartthings