Monoprice motion question

I’ve read through several threads regarding these sensors but couldn’t find a thread regarding my specific question.

I’ve got 2 sensors setup to activate lights when motion is detected. 2 separate scenes for ON and OFF, the OFF scene is set to send the off command once the motion detector stops sensing motion. What I’m experiencing is that once the motion sensor detects motion it doesn’t continue to monitor for motion…I can be standing right in front of the motion sensor, moving around, and the lights will still turn off.

I’m using the built in scene setup in UI7 on my VeraEdge, no LUUP code or anything involved. Am I going about this the wrong way?


Motion sensors are not occupancy sensors. Once they detect motion they sleep for a certain interval - I think on Monoprice sensors it is 3-4 minutes by default. You can set it to 1 minute using a custom setting (set Variable 1 - “1 byte hex” - “1”) and it will un-trip after one minute and will begin monitoring for motion again. But bottom line, once it trips by motion it will not be sending “motion detected” signal again until that time period is passed and it un-trips (thus turning off your lights). You should modify your scene to set the time to turn off the lights a few minutes after that reset period is done AND it has not been tripped by motion again.

Ok thanks! I guess what confused me was the way Vera worded the options for turning off the lights. They have it say “turn off when no motion is detected” so that threw me off.

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