Monitoring state of battery bank

I’m looking for away to monitor the input & output from a battery bank which is feeding an inverter that will be running my home automation system & computer? I going to be using shunts on both input & output, but not sure what to feed the values into my network at all. I’m waiting for the delivery of my veralite, so I’m doing some homework on what to use. Any idea’s?

I don’t know any Z-Wave device that can measure analogue voltage. There are modules available for IP, though. This one can measure 0-30 Vdc on four inputs - along with temperature sensors. You would need to amplify the signals from your shunts so other modules would be required.

I have also seen dedicated battery monitors with serial outputs. These could be connected to Vera through Serial/USB or Serial/IP converters.

If you are up for some experimentation and construction, you could probably make your own using an Arduino. See Build your own sensors.

depending on how many outputs in your circuit, Mimo Lite will monitor an analogue signal. Zwave capable, 12VDC power.

I’m thinking your looking for something that is monitoring the battery bank for voltage levels over time and be able to log that and alert you of battery level or health issues?

I’m only looking at first monitoring bank volts, load and charge to start with. Possibly a couple of temp sensors as the bank is 12 x 2 volt 300 Amp batteries. I will later on go to 24 volts, I picked up a cheap 1.5 kw inverter so that why my current setup is 12 volt. Basically I want to get thing in place and tested before I spend more money on different gear. Currently being charged of mains but I will be adding solar & maybe wind to primary charge this bank.