Monitoring Service Changed Program Code and Won't Provide It

I have a GE Networx-6v2 and recently purchased the NX-584 board to connect to Vera. Install was going smooth until I went to enroll the board. Turns out my monitoring company changed the programming code. When I called to find out what the code was they informed me that they don’t provide that to customers. ??? I got irate that they’ve basically held MY equipment hostage for a service call. I’m 99% sure I’m going to cancel my contract with them and put in a new alarm unit. I’ll have it monitored by one of the companies I’ve seen on here that don’t have a contract.

My question to you is if you could do it over, which alarm board would you go with? I plan on installing this myself. I’m guessing it will be relatively easy since I have all the wires connected to my existing alarm board. Is there some complication that I’m not considering however?

They won’t install the board for you? It seems (unfortunately) that it may be cheaper to pay them for that than to switch over and pay out the rest of your contract.

You could try to disconnect the battery and wait for them to contact you that there is a problem. If you are paying for service under a contract, they will probably have to come out and service that (check the contract).

Pay the service guy a few shekels while he is there to connect your board while he ‘fixes’ the loose connection at the battery. ;D

True, it would be cheaper to swallow my pride and just pay them to do it. It’s something I could do on my own though and it just irks me that they’ve done this to my equipment. I agree a little cash to the guy would probably result in finding out the code.

There is not that many codes … that a connected computer can’t hack it.

Then when you determine it … you can ask them if the program everyone’s unit with the same code!

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:4, topic:179549”]There is not that many codes … that a connected computer can’t hack it.

Then when you determine it … you can ask them if the program everyone’s unit with the same code![/quote]

More than a handful of people on here would definitely like to hear how to do it if you care to explain. I would really like to obtain my installer’s code, but I don’t have time to enter up to 10,000 codes and I have seen nothing on “how to” anywhere. I didn’t even have a choice, when I bought my house, the seller couldn’t remember who installed the alarm…

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[quote=“guessed, post:6, topic:179549”]For the adventurous: is for sale | HugeDomains

Probably easier to get a new board from Home Security Store.

Most alarm companies use their own code as standard practice. This insures that customers or other companies cannot mess up the programming on your panel. Really, nothing wrong with this logic. The have liability with your panel as long as it is under contract.

However, if you cancel your contract with the company, it is their duty to default the programmers code back to the manufacturer’s code. They will never give you their code as it is used for ALL their customers. If a technician give out this code, they would be fired. I worked for a security company many years and this is standard practice. But they MUST reutrn the code to default for you if you leave the company. Just ask them to do it. They will remotely change it for you. No need to replace the panel.

Then you are free to do whatever you want.

Unfortunately you need the code to be able to enrol the computer interface…

On the Caddx panel you can have six-digit codes, which makes brute-forcing even less attractive.

OP: if you can get the alarm company to install the NX-584 for you, and enrol it, without telling you the code, then you don’t need the code after that. (Edit: you’ll need to get them to program baud rate and binary mode and a couple of other fields, but it’s a five-minute operation.)

i had that issue on another brand board and i replaced the rom and it came with a new dealer code