Hi All,
The software I develop has been used on our last to 92 foot yachts…watch for them on the Travel Channel (Extreme Yachts) and another program called Epic Yachts.
I use Labview as my development tool and we monitor everything you can imagine. For those of you who are playing with the touchscreen software and have downloaded the runtime engine from National Instruments ( you can now play with the actual software we are running on our yachts. This software will run on a single monitor (1600 X 800 minimum) but was developed to run on a touchscreen PC with 3 additional monitors (I use USB to VGA adapters).

Perhaps this is the way a home should be setup? Take a look and imagine a central wall in your home with 4 monitors displaying all you vital information…cameras…HVAC…security…and touchscreen lighting control over the Vera or similar.

Note: I have an embedded web browser that looks for a fixed IP Camera…obviously you will have to change the URL to have it display anything.
Also I use Ethernet Modules to aquire all my data…I replaced the code with a data generator so you could get a feel for the running application.
Take a look…
Tim Alls
AllSeas Yachts

I like it. I’m looking for a touch UI (prefer Windows over iOS or Android) that I could use for wall mounted and table top options. Much like a crestron solution. Grasshopper is ok but lacking quite a bit in many areas.

Jason… i’m looking for Windows as well (I also work at MS… saw you do as well). let me know if you figure anything out :-).

tomgru, I think we are going to have to develop something. Look me up in the gal and drop me a line.