Monitoring enery for heating system

I recently installed the dataMine plugin and began learning about identifying and categorizing all the energy consumers in my house. I bought a NorthQ Power Meter for the main fuse box and I have a large chunk of unaccounted energy. I would like to be able to monitor my Daikin Altherma Air To Water Heat Pump. I wonder how this is done, I’m thinking maybe a clamp around the mains for the fusebox. The Daikin-Altherma has a separate fusebox, see attached picture. Any suggestions?

Yup. This sub-fusebox will pull back to your main panel, where you can clamp the wire at it’s breaker (with the appropriate type of device for your location and/or electrical code). It may also be possible to monitor it directly at this [small] breaker box, if you can get a device with CT’s (Current Transformers) small enough to go inside it.

I use Brultech gear to do this (GEM & ECM-1240), and the CT’s are quite small (for the lower Amperage ones) but it’s likely you’d need to find something similar for your local conditions.

If you’re feeling experimental, you may try out the disaggregation services of something like Bidgely ( There are some folks here that are playing with that, but I’m not sure they have enough data to get meaningful results yet.

In some cases, just graphing the data over-time will be sufficient to work out what it is (visual self-disaggregation, if you will 8) ).

ie. “oh, that’s the fridge”

Thx guessed, I’ll give it a try