Module(s) Stopped Working Altogether

Hi All,

Has anyone experienced issues with lamp modules / receptacle modules just stop working altogether? I mean they won’t even reprogram or function outside the mesh network… I have 3 instances:

1 Screw-in Lamp Module
1 Plug in appliance Module
1 Receptacle Module

Grand total cost of around $110 down the drain- or is there a way to make them functional again?

explain what do you mean by “won’t even reprogram or function outside the mesh network” … If you want to run them elsewhere, you’ll need to exclude them from Vera first.

Hi Capjay,

I mean they seem to be broken… non functional - I have not physically touched them since installing them months ago (and worked perfectly well) - however over a period of time, they just stopped working, can’t even manually activate them- does that make sense?

Sounds like somebody let the smoke out … when that happens the device is no good. It happens!