ModifyUserData thru remote uri

Hello all,

did someone already try to update userdata using the
login/password/serial//upnp/control/port_49451/upnp/control/hag uri ?
(from an external client, php, c# or what ever).

If I locally post a SOAP envelop (like described in
in IP/port_49451/upnp/control/hag, then it perfectly works :).

If I post the same SOAP envelop in login/password/serial//upnp/control/port_49451/upnp/control/hag,
I got an 200 HTTP return code but without any SOAP response (and the update that I sent didn’t work) ???.

Any leads ?



I have asked MCV many times for a way to do this, and they have never responded with anything meaningful.

Bad news :frowning: