Mobile UI doesn't observe "Hidden" attribute of devices (1.0.862)

In the new Mobile UI (1.0.862), it’s not observing the “hidden” flag of the devices, so it’ll present very long Device lists in some cases (the Alarm panel generates ~100 Child Devices)

I’m running on the iPhone, and have attached a Snapshot of the UI showing Devices like:

Armed Area 2
Stay Armed Area 2
Area Breach Area 2

which in my Devices pane all have:

 [x] Hidden (won't be displayed on dashboard)

and they (correctly) don’t appear in the Full HTML Rendition.

Also, the current “Armed” state doesn’t render, and the Devices aren’t “Grouped” by their Parent Devices, like they are in the Classic [Full HTML] UI.

This makes it hard to see if my Alarm panel is armed or not remotely.

The Mobile UI ( appears to sort purely by DeviceID. If any device creates new-children “over time” then these will be interleaved with the other devices in the system.

The second screenshot shows my Weather devices “in the middle” of my Alarm Panel devices (as some of the Alarm panel devices were created after the initial startup.

MCV: So I’ve been modifying a local copy of /etc/cmh-ludl/L_sPhoneUI.lua.lzo to address some of the above problems (and remove the Scenes/Remotes/Devices headers if none are present) but I cannot work out how to “read” a Devices “Hidden” status.

Can you let me know how we go about reading the Hidden status of a Device in the UI?

I was looking for a UPnP Class that would cover it, but here doesn’t appear to be one. When I’m done, I can give you back the code if that’ll help, or can give you the diffs.

As a side-note, you need a function to “HTML Escape” all of the freeform Text before putting it into the HTML. In particular, things like [tt]v.description[/tt] can use any of the HTML Characters ‘<’, ‘>’, ‘&’, ‘"’ that all need to be escaped to the HTML Entity equivalents [tt](< > & "[/tt] etc). Otherwise I can use this with a Device description like:

 "Motion <b><u>Sensor</u></b>"

to cause it to render incorrectly with bold and underline in the Mobile UI like:

 "Motion [b][u]Sensor[/u][/b]"

It can also be used for more advanced HTML constructs, which I’m sure isn’t what you’re intending.

I just added hidden, embedded, and invisible to devices, and hidden to scenes and described them here:

The next build will also have an html encode/decode function in the API.

Yes, Guessed, I see what you mean about hidden scenes appearing willy nilly all over the interface, and for me that’s a show-stopper. I’ll wait until the Luup firmware release after 862 for this to be ironed out.

After all, most of my scenes are event-triggered ones that I don’t want to see, nor - more importantly - other users in my household to see or use.

Thanks for bringing this to MCV’s attention in so timely a manner.

MCV, what release are these mods in? I tried using v.hidden (etc) in the scene and device loops inside [tt]lug_sPhoneRequest_room(…)[/tt] and they don’t work (1.0.862).

I’m guessing you put them into a newer build (and weren’t just doc-missing items)

I have the other mods ready, including:

a) an image for Trigger status (borrowed from the regular UI)
b) removal of empty “Scene”, “Remote” or “Device” areas in a room, to reduce UI clutter

I just need the build# to complete the implementation of hidden/invisible