Mobile Phones

On the Web portal, under devices, there is a mobile phone tab. Under there I have one phone listed.

I do not recall how I got that phone to be listed there. I am using my android phone with an app.

I tired my wife’s iphone through the mobile web portal and that can control, but the phone is not listed under devices.

I have searched the forum but could not find anything on that.


Those are the phones that are registered with your user. See users panel.

thanks. where is the users panel?

Under Account, you will see My Users. Also under Account you will see My Contact Info which has your email and phone settings which can be configured.

To control your system from your mobile phone be sure you have created an account at Then visit on your smartphone to control the system using either the phone’s browser, or install one of the native phone apps.

To receive text message and email alerts on your mobile phone, select the Users tab above to set your Contact Info, and then use the Automation tab to create triggers which send you alerts, or click the Setup Wrench for a device and choose the Notifications tab to set a notification for a device.

thanks. I found it. I think my confusion is that i think the device is added to the mobile phone list after setting it up for text notifications (I need to try on my wife’s). It does not get added if you go to on your smartphone which that I did on her phone earlier.