Mobile iPhone apps

Can someone tell me the compatible iPhone apps and ranking. I am thinking seriously about switching from Nexia.

The three primary IPhone apps
SQ Remote.

Homewave easy and flexible.
Automator provides notifications
SQ Remote more complex (remote type) configuration.

I won’t rate them because they each provide their own good points and difference depended on what a user requires.

I use SQ and automator, both have good and bad sides…I feel support on Android is much better, although I see Homewave is very active on this forum, compared to the ones I have.

I have to say HomeWave is very very good, and so customisable too, it’s certainly my iPhone/iPad app of choice …

There’s also a free one out there called 'Vera Mobile app" which is pretty basic, but it still does the job…

To iphone and ipad, goes of Homewave to have a reliable tool to control your vera.