MMS Vera App for Andriod

Hi, Is anyone else having trouble logging into the vera app? It was working great since about Wednesday or Thursday. Thursday night I got the email saying vera was doing maintenance at nighttime and ever since then I cant log into the app. It just says user name failed. If i log in from my computer it works just fine.

First of all hello to everybody (long time follower - first time poster). Thank you to all the members contributing. Your info has been very helpfull to me.

I have the same problem with the MMS vera app. Have you tried turning off Wifi, restart the app and login using your mobile data from your carrier. I can login this way. I’ve already contacted Tech Support but they don’t have a clear answer and are looking into it.

If you happen to find a sollution, please post it!

I had this issue. Support recreated it as I gave them a temp password. They raised a case then I changed my password back and don’t have an issue. Not sure if that will help you.

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I have noticed the same issue on my iPhone.

Sometimes it works other times it just spins

A few days ago I changed the password and it seemed to fix the problem. Thanks for the help!