MJPEG Video Stream from IP Camera

I have an IP camera, not listed as supported in Vera, so I tried setting the camera to output MJPEG, which I can see in the browser just fine, and tried adding it to Vera. In the initial setup screen it shows a nice smooth video stream in the preview but when I save it and go to look, it says “Not Connected”. Seems weird to me that it works in the preview but then doesn’t work when added. (If I set it to just grab occasional still-images, it works however)

Has anyone else seen this or know a good work around?

Worth checking that the device variable DirectStreamingURL is correctly set. I assume so, since the preview was working, but take a look anyway.

If you mean the field under variables just called “URL” that was initially set to just something like “/video/mjpg.cgi” (user, password and IP being correct under Params) and I tried changing it to “http://[USER]:[PASSWORD]@[IP ADRESS]/video/mjpg.cgi”.

Is that the correct one, or should I create a new variable?

No, I meant DirectStreamingURL which should have the same sort of format as you’re using, but you’ll have to check your device user manual for the right format for streaming.

The URL variable is used, AFAIK, for single-shot images.

The variable DirectStreamingURL doesn’t show up when the device is added. I tried adding it myself but either I’m doing it wrong or it doesn’t help. It still seems to just go for the URL, which cant be left blank.

I checked if I could choose any of the specific camera models in the drop-down when adding device (to see what the variables would be) but of course it makes a check to see if its the correct camera and wont let me.