Mitsubishi MelCloud and Vera

Hi, is there Vera application to control Mitsubishi Heat pumps with Melcloud wifi adapters?

This is my first post here. I am looking for the same thing and haven?t searched to deep into this.
I found that an app for Daikins Sky-FI is on it?s way (might choose Daikin for home) but would really like one for the Mitsubishi.
I have the ZXT-120 Ver 1.4 but have to learn all commands. Havent investigated how to yet.

Anyone with programming skills could do the requested app I guess, and make me and harkonen happy. =)


Same here, would like to have a way to control mitsubishi heat pump through Vera edge

It seems that Mitsubishi have not released MelCloud API, so it might be impossible to write plugin without it.

What about this?

It is in French so use Google Translate :slight_smile:

Same question as above. I am interested in controlling Mitsubishi Electric air/air heat pumps through my Vera Plus.