Mios Smart Home Displaying Devices Offline

I am having issues with 12 devices (10 x iblinds and 2 x Axis Gear). They are showing/displayed as Offline on the Mios dashboard view on the website.

I can control the devices in the app (android) with no problem but cannot control them on the Mios Smart Home web site.

Hello @ryantatum20

We have sent you a support ticket via email (305873).

We have created a ticket because we need to get access to check a few things, but after that we’ll post the solution here on the thread so the community can see it.

I have not received any emails in regards to this issue.


Alright, it seems we now understand your situation. It appears that Ezlogic Dashboard is displaying “Offline” instead of “Closed” for the blinds. Additionally, we have noticed that the percentage slider stops working when the roller shade is completely closed (offline). To resolve this, you’ll need to use the “open button” to make it work again.

We have reported this to the development department and we’ll let you know as soon as we have any news. (ECFI-15)