MIOS Server Backup files - where did they go (UI5)?

I wanted to potentially do a restore this morning to resolve the PLC issue, and went to the setup > backup tab, where i usually see a list of file links from past server side backups. There is nothing there… and yes, i’m logged in.

Did i forget a step or a location where these are? (most likely :slight_smile: )

EDIT. i decided to look on my VeraPlus UI7 test machine, and see a monthly backup there. What’s really funny is that these backups started on January 7, 2016, and there is one on the same date every month GOING UP TO November 7, 2016!!!

So apparently one of the new features of the VP is time travel for backups!


I just checked for my UI5 VeraLite and I can see the daily backups.

And for the UI7. The date is in European format for me, so 11/7/2016 is July 11, not November 7th. May that be your time travel :wink:

When will you go for metric, it is sooo much simpler ;D

Cheers Rene


I have the same problem on my UI5. No server backups where they used to be.

Any clue if this works as designed now or it is a problem?