Mios notifications down once again

Notifications have been down since early am PST this morning ( at least 4 am)

What gives.

My Vera’s network is ok! I checked!

just started getting messages now first one for 8:05… What happend to all the others?

You can’t keep doing this MCV. This system needs to be reliable!!!


I’ve posted this before but I’m still noticing connection errors to ev1.mios. In Ui2 the connection timeout was 5 secs, in Ui4 it was raised to 10 secs.
This apparantly is their event server for notifications. BUT, it logs the alert as being sent regardless if it connected or timed out. I have 10 notifications in Mios as being sent today, havent received a single one.

My system is set up for both txt and email alerts but I rarely get them both. I have a better chance of receiving a txt message than the email…


emails alerts for me have always been hit or miss but when I get a notification txt messages come through

Has anyone been able to get Vera to have its own SMTP client, which submits to a mailserver? This would get around MIOS outages.


Excellent. Thanks for the pointer!