MiOS new plugin framework and documentation

Hi everyone,

We are glad to share our new plugin framework with you !
Now you can easily create your plugins and just by using the EZlogic Web UI you can upload, install, share and download plugins from the marketplace easily.

You can upload your plugin to EZlogic as follows:

  • Login to EZlogic at https://ezlogic.mios.com.

  • Click ‘Plugins’ > ‘Edge Plugins’ in the left-hand menu.

  • Make sure you are in the ‘My Private Plugins’ area

  • Click the ‘Upload New Plugin’ button.

  • Click ‘Select File’ and choose your plugin package (tar.gz)

  • Click ‘Upload to my account’:

  • This adds the plugin to the ‘My Private Plugins’ area.

  • Use the ‘Download’, ‘Publish’, ‘Install’ and ‘Delete’ controls to manage your plugin:

Install Your Plugin on a Controller

  • Upload your plugin to ‘My Private Plugins’ as explained above

  • Click the ‘Install’ icon in the row of the plugin you want to deploy.

  • Select the controller on which you want to install your plugin.

  • Click ‘Install’ to install it on your controller:

  • Check to see if your plugin is installed by creating a test meshbot. Select ‘Device’ as your node type. All devices created by your plugin should then be visible in the ‘Node’ drop-down. See the trigger interface for more help with meshbot triggers.

Share Your Plugin on the Marketplace

  • Upload your plugin to ‘My Private Plugins’ as explained above

  • Click the ‘My Private Plugins’ button.

  • Click the ‘Publish’ icon in the row of the plugin you want to upload.

  • Click ‘Confirm’ to publish your plugin to the marketplace:

  • Click ‘My Published Plugins’ to verify the upload and manage the plugin going forward:

Use public plugins from the Marketplace

  • Click ‘Plugins’ > ‘Edge Plugins’ in the left-hand menu.

  • Click the ‘Marketplace’ button to view and install publicly available plugins

  • Certified - Plugins that have been tested and approved by the MiOS team are listed as ‘Ezlo’ plugins. Plugins that have been uploaded by the community but have not been tested by MiOS are listed as ‘Community’ plugins.

  • Copy to my Ezlo - Copy the plugin to ‘My Private Plugins’. From there you can download, inspect and/or modify the plugin before installation.

  • Install to my Ezlo - Directly install the plugin to a controller of your choice.

You can directly go to the marketplace Now and copy the first marketplace plugin “Ezlo Protocols Plugin” to your account immediately and start using it.
Her is the source code of the plugin you can download and use right away.
ezlo_protocols.tar.zip (7.5 KB)

When you install the Protocols plugin, 3 devices will be created after install. You can check your devices from Settings->Devices page;

Now you can go to Meshbots and create your Meshbot using HTTP Manager or UDP Manager devices created by the protocols plugin

  • The plugin site will be updated in the coming days. In the meantime, we have the attached the initial version of our quickstart guide
    EZLO PLUGIN DOCUMENTATION (1).pdf (1.0 MB) here to get your feedback and comments on it.

Please go ahead and try the new flow and the experience. Let us know our feedback.


Are there any working plugins yet that we can try?

For example, I believe you have been working on a WOL with Ping plugin, is that correct?


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Hi @cw-kid I included the protocols plugin in the post as a link to the zip file. You can try uploading the .tar.gz file inside the zip file. At the same time you can just go to marketplace and copy the protocols plugin to your account with 1-click

OK thanks I understand now I think. I will take a look at them.

Is there any description somewhere what these particular plugins can do, what they are used for etc?

I think I know what the HTTP one is, this is instead of using the Http Request Meshbot action right?

I can’t seem to install them I get this error “An error occurred while publishing to private”.

I will start a new forum thread if need be, rather than clogging this one up.


EDIT: Update from the dev’s

“we have a small bug already fixed. It will be live in the morning”

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No joy here either. I was able to download the ezlo_protocols to private but it didn’t not retain the plugin title in private nor was I able to install it - clicking the Install button didn’t do anything…

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Same here, for what that’s worth :upside_down_face:

@blacey @ibrewster

Can both you guys please confirm what firmware version your controllers are running?


Firmware version

Your both on the same version as me on my original Ezlo Plus.

Although my new second Ezlo Plus hub has a higher version number and the plugins don’t install on that one either.

They download from the marketplace area to the my private plugins area, but then clicking the Install button under manage installations does nothing.

I’ve asked Osman again for a fix or an update.

I have the actual .tar.gz file now for the Ezlo Protocols plugin, will try uploading that manually and installing.

EDIT: Uploading the .tar.gz file and then trying to install that results in “An error occurred while installing”.

Hello @cw-kid @blacey @ibrewster
1 We found an issue on the cloud side when you are copying a plugin from the marketplace to private. The fix is being validated. We are planning to release it next week.
2 We’ll check why you are not able to install the uploaded plugin. We’ll let you know our findings.


Hi, @blacey , @ibrewster can you check with this tar.gz file to upload and try on your account pls

ezlo_protocols.tar.zip (7.5 KB)

@osman - I had to change the compression to gzip (i.e. .gz suffix) but once I did that, I was able to upload the plugin to my private plugins and install it on an Ezlo Plus. The docs state that the resulting protocol manager devices can be used in Meshbot actions and triggers but the respective devices only show up in Meshbot Actions (i.e. not Triggers)

right now yes you can only use them in actions. So you were able to see the devices in Actions pane ?

Yes but I can’t do much with them yet :wink: I created an HTTP Manager device action in a Meshbot to perform an https get to api.openweather.com to get the current conditions for my city ID but I am not sure how to view the results or use them :wink:

Well, that’s more luck than I had. As you noted, I had to change the suffix from .zip to .gz for the system to let me upload it, but even that didn’t work. It said it did, but it never showed up under “My Private Plugins” to be installed on any of my devices. :frowning:

I unzipped the file the file to a .tar file, then I used gzip to compress the .tar file to a .tar.gz file before uploading it. The system expects a .gz file and a .zip file is not that…

Here is a .tar.gz file, albeit also zipped because the forums wouldn’t let me post a .gz file.

ezlo_protocols.tar.gz.zip (7.5 KB)

So download the link above, unzip it to a .tar.gz and try uploading that to your local plugins.

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Thanks I’ll try that as well.