Mios Marketplace - role of each file

Last weekend, I got very interesting advices from @RichardTSchaefer about how to publish a plugin on the apps store and especially what role to select for the plugin files. I would like to share that and have an open discussion with everybody.

Here are the advices:

  • use MISC role for lua files rather than LUA role
  • use Javascript role for D_XXX.json files

Are you all proceed like this ?
What is behind this selection ? Is it really important or not ?

The roles are mainly for the built-in editor in apps.mios.com, to know what code highlight to use, however, for Lua files is important to set them as Misc, otherwise they will be loaded in their own state. The LUA role is for standalone Lua files, like the file for the WAP plugin.

Do you have a projected timeline when the Mios Marketplace security will converge to be both UI5 and UI6 compatible?

The updated Marketplace will be released before or along UI7, but I don’t know when that will be.

Did I miss the new marketplace? LOL