MIOS Market?

Can anyone tell me why the MIOS Market shows content about 25% of the time I hit the + button? The pop up always comes up but it’s just an empty screen with a scroll bar and a MIOS Market title.

Also, there are some plugins that are on code.mios.com that do not show, namely the WOL plugin.

I’m not sure how MCV decides what to put in the marketplace currently. They had said they have plans for developers to be able to support plug-ins for inclusion. If you’re interested in the WOL plug-in you can install it manually, post if you need instructions on how to do that.

That said the current WOL plug-in requires that you use advanced OpenWRT features to install a third party package on your Vera, MCV has said that they are no longer going to support Vera that have had Advanced OpenWRT configuration done to them. @Klunket gave me some code that should allow it to work without the package, but I have not been able to test since I am on a UI4 beta that isn’t allowing me to install plug-ins. Once I have a UI4 beta that I can test it on, I will be updating the files on code.mios.com.

the [tt]code.mios.com[/tt] site is a development tool we use internally and also offer as a service to third party developers and enthusiasts.

MiOS marketplace, on the other hand, is where we offer tested and released plugins to all users. It wouldn’t be responsible to put there anything that hasn’t been tested.

Of course, there are several plugins on [tt]code.mios.com[/tt] that are reliable and we should release to the MM. We’re still working on overdrive to get UI4 released as soon as (responsibly) possible.

Once the dust settles, the procedure to get stuff on MM will get streamlined.

I was trying to play with the WOL addon, and saw the post and wanted to test it out. I manually uploaded the files but couldn’t figure out a way to get it to show up. I’m currently using UI3.

I haven’t used UI3 enough to give you click by click instructions, but you need to add a new Luup Device and provide “D_WOL.xml” as the device file name it asks for.

I´m also having the problem to acces the Mios market. Does anyone have a solution for this issue? Tks

Hi All,

Does anyone have any step by step instructions on how to install one of the following plug-in’s onto my Vera 2 UI4, etherwake, wol, wakeonlan.

It would be really useful for Vera to be able to wake my Mac Mini at certain times of the day. Any help would be greatly received.