Mios G150 hub

I bought a Mios G150 hub. I think it’s a Vera Edge on the inside but with a white exterior, possibly with different firmware I am trying to add it as a controller to my Vera Mobile app, also tried on getvera.com neither one works. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to use a different app? The evolution of the whole Vera/Mios/Mecasaverde product line is confusing and I can’t figure out what this product works with.

It’s an obsolete model made prior to the Edge.
Other models of this generation are Vera Lite, Vera 3 and the G150 which was a non branded Vera Lite.
Finding Z-wave devices that will work with it will be a challenge as it is GEN3 and can’t control modern devices.
I wouldn’t bother trying to make it work, just bin it and find a Vera Edge.

I use a service from RemoteLock.com that programs door codes into my Schlage smart lock at several AirBNB vacation rentals that I own. I do this using Vera hubs. Now that they are unavailable (and I need another 1-2 of them), RemoteLock recommends (and also sells) the MiOS G150 and they support the integration with the Schlage locks. So I’m surprised to hear you say it’s obsolete, since they currently sell it and integrate with it.

So compatibility with modern devices isn’t really a concern for me, I just want to register it with the Vera app so RemoteLock can integrate with it.

Hi @timbo66,

I just created a ticket to help you troubleshoot that issue.

Please, check your email.

Is there an update on this issue? I was told that Remotelock would integrate with the Ezlo Plus by Q3.

Hi @Sloanish the issue with the Mios G150 hub (Vera edge) was that the hub was not connected to the right servers. In regard to the issue with RemoteLock, we know that it works with Vera controllers (Vera Edge, Vera Plus & Vera Secure), and that tests are being done for it to work with the Ezlo hubs, however, since this integration is done from RemoteLock we don’t have any additional updates, all the process is done from their side, so, I suggest getting in contact with their support team for more information.

Update on this… the hub works and integrates with the Vera website and I can lock and unlock the Schlage Z-wave door using the website or app. However… I could not get the RemoteLock integration working, nor could I integrate it with HomeAssistant. I ended up buying a used Vera Edge which works fine. So, perhaps there is something different about the API that breaks the integration. I restored factory settings several times and updated firmware with no luck. I will probably sell it on eBay to someone who only needs Vera not external integrations.