MiOS Developing

So I’ve signed up for a MiOS development account through MiOS.com. I was hoping to get access to resources that could help me take advantage of the “open platform”, but haven’t had much luck.

Some things I was hoping for and believe would be helpful for someone getting into development are:

  1. A diagram of a typical home system. (I’ve attached a picture of an example I put together)
  2. A general explanation of how the Vera interfaces with each class of device in the system.
  3. What is the structure of the Vera’s record of each device. What are the properties, methods, etc.? (is it just an XML file?)
  4. What are the general properties of an object in the Vera’s inventory?
  5. How do we interface with the Vera to gain access to the executive structure if it does just have an inventory of XML files.

Ideally, I’d like to see this information made available in the wiki, so it can well presented and easily searchable. If anyone has any information, or knows where to look, I’ll keep plugging away at it.

The projects I have in mind if anyone is currently working on them, or has an idea of where to begin are:

-Detect and respond to new connections on the home wifi network. (security as well as automation)
-Integration with Google’s open APIs (i.e. a latitude plugin that could tell if I’m driving towards my house)
-Integration with Facebook’s open APIs (It would be pretty cool to be able to auto-post IP cam pictures to a FB album)
-Integration with Android (Giving Vera access to all the sensors/services on a smartphone would be amazing)
-Allow for a backup internet connection (use a wifi connected smartphone’s 4G connection if your ISP is down)
-Increased Flexibility for Device handling. I’ve re-purposed several devices but it’s very difficult to do it cleanly on the software side. I shudder when thinking about how it makes my dashboard look.

Any input will be appreciated,

  • Mackenzie

Hi MackBlanch,

Most of the documentation that you seek doesn’t exist. Those of us who have made plugins are self-taught, having learned from examples, or the occasional Wiki page that is not out-of-date.

If you’ve got a specific project in mind then your best bet is to start with a working example program that is vaguely close to what you want, and hack it until it does what you want.

The best repository of existing plugins is code.mios.com. The second best is this forum.