Mios dashboard showing tiles from vera controllers

Just installed a new Ezlo Plus hub. Have 3 other Vera Plus units running at other locations. When I signed into to ezlogic.mios.com and pulled up the dashboard, there are tiles there for my legacy Vera units mixed in with tiles for the devices I connected to the new Ezlo Plus. Is this normal behavior? Do I have something wrong in my configuration for either the new hub or my old ones? Can I just delete the “bad” tiles? Appreciate any help or guidance.

Yeah, myself and others have reported that as well. Pretty sure it’s a bug in the interface, at least for now, as none of the tiles are actually functional. I don’t think there is any way to delete them either, other than making a whole new dashboard that doesn’t contain them.

It was unexpected behaviour and they will be removed again at some point by the Devs.

Longer term however as users, we would like Vera firmware hub devices to also appear into the Ezlo Dashboard, assuming they will one day be fully functional and controllable.

Thanks for the feedback. I did try to search for the issue but obviously didn’t do a good enough job. appreciate the prompt response!

We did talk about this previously on another thread recently and even before that on an older thread when it happened that time.

But its not always easy to search and find threads with the information you are looking for.

So just ask your questions and they will normally be answered again by someone.