Minor change request and graphical glitch


I am a donating user of Home Buddy and have used it pretty much since the initial release both on my and my wife’s Droid X phones.
I recently upgraded to the new version and noticed a graphical glitch. The bottom device group is almost always grey and when it is not grey there is a grey line between it and the device group above it.

The second item is regarding the change in how thermostats are handled. I liked it better in version 0.27 being able to see and change the heat/cool set points without having to turn the HVAC to heat or cool modes. I ask your consideration in allowing that ability again.

I have reverted back to version 0.27 for the time being. I have also attached screenshots of the graphical glitch and showing the differences between the two thermostat screens. The grey line between the last two device groups can be seen in the v.33 thermostat screenshot as well.


Hi Chad,

I’ve never seen that graphical glitch before. I don’t have a Droid X, but Iet me see if I can recreate the problem in an emulator. If anyone else in the forum with a Droid X is reading this, please let me know whether or not you see this as well.

Regarding the way thermostats are handled, this change was requested during the beta… I knew that this was going to be an issue for some. Not a problem, I could make it an option in the settings. I’ll let you know when these issues are fixed.


Putting an option in settings sounds like a good way to handle hiding or unhiding the unused temp set point. “Hide unused thermostat set points” is the title I would suggest and enabled by default. I can’t personally think of a reason why you would want to change a set point for a thermostat that is not in that mode. Unless perhaps you have a thermostat in every room, or use a scene to turn heat or cool on.