Minimote PLEG On / Off Toggle

So slightly embarrassed to post such a silly ?help? cry but I am completely lost?

I have a minimote and a dimmable light. I want to toggle it on and off. (no laughing please?) [I have it working great with Lua but moving away from all my scripts over to PLEG]

Button_Pressed Scene number 1 is activated

Device Porperties
Lamp_Status Satus

LampOn (Lamp_status; Button_Pressed) and (Lamp_status eq “0”)
LampOff (Lamp_status; Button_Pressed) and (Lamp_status eq “1”)

LampOn Turn on the lamp
LampOff Turn off the lamp

It appears an issue with not being able to get status updates? I say this as the status report often errors out with ?error getting status of??

What have I missed?

You need to do save before you do a report.

Clearly a ‘silly’ day… deleted that PLEG then created the same again - saved - all works, must have had something wrong previously but I was correct in approach wich is something - thanks for the nudge in the right direct Richard. :slight_smile:

Hi LighsOn,

I am new on using Vera en Pleg and read your topic about this On/Off toggle and put is in my VeraPlus. But it did not work very well. (Very slow on respons)
Also you talked about “save” to let it work well.
Please can you help me to get this work for me!
Thanks in advance…