MimoLite hooked up to Swann Output Alarm

Spent a few hours tinkering with my mimolite just got today. Ultimate goal is to connect the input of the mimolite to an output alarm on my Swann DVR. When the alarm triggers (which according to the Swann interface says it’s a “pulse”) it should send a signal to the mimolite and then tell Vera to turn on a device. After reading these forums i saw mention that this use for the mimolite considering i’m not utilizing the output is overkill and could be done by breaking apart a cheap zwave door sensor. Regardless… I’ve tried both the mimo pulse meter and the mimo binary sensor in a scene but neither have worked yet. I then began testing with a paper clip to see what happens. It looks like Vera is sensing it because i see the mouse cursor on the webpage flicker but that’s it. Then realized if i try to Arm or Disarm the binary sensor it either says failed or just does nothing. If i go into advance settings of the binary switch and change the variable “armed” to a zero or one it then disarms or arms the device. Wondering if i have a bad mimolite or maybe there is something additional i need to do.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Have you looked at the configuration tool or technical appendix?

Browse around here but I forewarn that the plugin on that page borked my Vera Plus twice requiring MiCasaVerde to recover it each time. I don’t suggest or recommend doing anything with that as something is wrong with it or it best it conflicted with my system.

I was beginning to suspect i wasn’t going to get a response on this forum… i was able to talk to fortezz and they said i needed to talk to vera… vera then remoted in and was puzzled at which point asked to get back to me… by then i had already run more tests with varying results, at one point things went real south and i just decided life was too short and there has to be another product or more simple solution to what i’m trying to do, so just sent the thing back and got a refund… not sure what product i’m going to try next. Other products i’ve used like switches and basic door sensors have worked without a lot of grief so suspect the mimolite is for either the lucky or folks with more patience than i have.

btw… your first link doesn’t work, but thanks for the reply.

Try here, fourth link down if you ever try the MimoLite again. I have one for my garage door and two MIMO2+'s to control pumps for my pool but I’m using the Relays and not the Signal inputs.

You need to go to the Device Options Screen then Configuration Settings and then enter the correct configuration (values) from the technical sheet I linked above, keeping in mind that Fortrezz’s “Parameter” is Vera’s “Variable”.

Sorry, I hadn’t visited the forum during the time you were asking or I would have replied sooner.

Curious Sammy2 if you could share a screenshot of the Variables page for one of your MIMO2+ configs? Asking because of your comment Fortrezz “parameter” is Veras “Variable”

I have several of these MIMO2+ that I just want to use as latching relays, and besides the extra child devices there were created, I do have the appliance module and appliance module 1 Children, but haven’t been able to see where to send the 0 or disable for the momentary operation for both of these relays?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for your contributions to the forums!

Scroll down to the I/O links at the bottom of this page and take a look. Run the mapper to determine what settings you need to make. The settings are actually made under Device Options:

I assumed it was on a different page. Thanks for the quick information, I’ve updated and it’s working perfectly. I will start working on the rest of the devices, Thanks again!

Glad I could be of assistance… Pay it forward!

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